Monday, April 28, 2008


I hear you loud and clear on the difficulty of replying. Maybe we need to bitch at Google. All replies you send thorugh the blog come to my personal email address with me getting the option of either accepting or rejecting them. An ex-wife was making things difficult and I had to turn on the accept/reject button.

However, I put my personal email address at the bottom of a helluva lot of posts. It is . You can email me all you wish using that address and I will get it. I have been hit with 4 viruses in the past week but my security has worked and I am okay. Everyting is in quarantine. I'm a little afraid to nuke all the viruses because some of them are attached to programs that are keeping my computer running. I be afraid I might erase them.

I hope this explains a little better what is going on.

p.s. Due to the way Blogger works, the post for Tuesday morning is right below this one.


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A-man said...

Thanks for the "bone"! Really, your blog has become the first one I check when I "get out" on the web every couple of days. I've been following Jim Rawles since he got started - had a copy of his novel from the first commercial run, but you've edged him out as first stop on my blog trail.

Like your friend, Jim, prepping is my "hobby" and the one "vice" I'm allowed. Still, my wife humors me - even got me a Costco membership for my birthday.

Keep preaching. We're listening and you've got it going on right now.