Sunday, April 13, 2008


It is going to be cold this Monday morning and probably 70 later in the week. Spring is like that in southern Indiana. Three weeks until garden time! The way thing are going at the grocery store I will have to double my planting this year. Anything will be better than last year. My beans were growing like wildfire until the cows got into them. There is supposed to be a fence around the garden this year. I can appreciate that.

As I was writing to Dragon this morning I mentioned that we don't grow rice in Indiana but we can grow the hell out of beans. The Handmaiden and I will be going for Pinto beans to put up dry and green beans to can. Sure will be a lot of possible protein coming up! We will have corn coming also. I intend to put it up dry along with the Pintos. Makes for a good solid meal woth plenty of nutrition. The 100 round box of #8 shot 12 gauge I bought will make our protein complete. The rice that will store is not conducive to a complete protein. Polishing takes away the outer hull and that is where a lot of goodies are housed. But the corn and Pinto beans ain't gonna get any polishing.

But Tweety Bird is still out there singin' his song and he will make a nice addition to the Handmaiden's beans as she cooks them. A lot of Canadian Geese fly into our big pond in the Spring. We have several ponds but I only watch one of them. The thought of going hungry is tempered by the sight of geese landing on our pond. My Wingmaster has a 25" barrel on it and it will take geese at a long range. I'll use real heavy shot to make sure of a clean kill.

I have taken wild pigeon out in land with no crops planted on it and I can attest that they had a breast on them that was so rich it was damn near purple. Small shot will handle these little wonders.

Whitetail deer are abundant in this region. You can put up four or five of them if you play your cards right. The meat from the Does is the best. Deer fat in the Summer is sort of like tallow and I don't care for it much. But the Winter fat doesn't taste too bad to me.

Talked it around with the locals this morning and found some, but not much, beans and rice stashed for hard times. I will talk it up some more and maybe we can change that.

The economics are still looking a little rough. Might not have gotten so far out of alignment if Bush wasn't concentrating on bombing Iran instead of tending to his own country. I have to live with that but I am beinng made strong by it also. Like Mike Kemp says, "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger." I can go along with that. Maybe we are all being made stronger by these little deviant minds that are manipulating the world. They gotta be good for SOMETHING!

Stay alive.


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