Friday, April 25, 2008


As mentioned earlier, I was pleased to note that someone is getting ready to open a Bartertown. This is survival thinking. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. What another man has extra you may be in severe lack. And if you have to pay a cup full of grain head-tax for a bushel of corn or wheat, what is the difference? Everybody gets to live.

I am surprised that no more of you are planning on growing food and selling it when times get bad. Food and water will be the big things. THINK! That first year of bad times will belong to the food producers. And if you have non-hybrid seed for sale or trade you can break the hold of the growers by creating more of them. Food production is one thing you want to push in your area. For the sake of everyone get this taken care of. If you have the means, it might not be a bad idea to have little planting books run off on your copier. Just regular old fashioned directions on how to plant corn and beans and lettuce and peppers and whatever. Make it short and concise and if it's more than one page a simple staple will take care of it.

I'm sitting here typing away while drinking some Chickweed Tea. This comes courtesy of the Handmaiden. I really like it. Now if I can only get her to make this stuff on a regular basis! And put some leaves from the Stinging Nettle in with the Chickweed. I drink Decaf so I am not in an addictive spasm to get my daily caffine fix. I am perfectly content to drink wonderful herb teas. And this tea comes from leaves grown right here in our valley. Free for the picking. Great because they didn't come from the sub-continent of Asia but rather from my homeland. They are even genetically suited to be here. Just because they are.

I was investigating passage of scripture this morning. It's Revelation 6:16

"And said to the mountins and the rocks, (earthly organizations) Fall on us, (provide cover)and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, (God Almighty) and from the wrath (Seven vials) of the Lamb. (The Elder Brother, who will be leading the move toward Kingdomism in the invisible) I can featue us hiding in the caves and dens of the earth. Good survivalism. But I can't feature any contrivance that would keep us from the face of God. That is impossible.

There is the matter of clothing. And if you don't think much of this area, just ask your wife about the clothes you wear. Or wife, just go tell the unfeeling husband how essential clothing really is! Learn how to tan hides! You can do it with road kill! It's called brain tanning and it does the job. There are so many animal hides going to waste in this land of ours it is pathetic. Can't beat rabbit hide hand warmers. Cow and pigs can provide good footwear. Deer hides will make excellent clothing. Flax can be grown in more nothern climes and if you learn how to ret it you can spin it and make linen thread and thus weave linen cloth. Linen makes good undergarments and fine Summer cloths. There ae plenty of sites on the Web that will tell you how to make Winter boots and mocasions from hides. Learn this! I haven't as yet but I intend to get started. Horsehide is tougher than cow hide, in case you didn't know. If you have to eat old Dobbin for lack of anything else to keep you alive, don't throw his hide away! He makes good appearal. Best belt I ever owned was made from Horsehide.

Stay Alive!