Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hey! I had two kind of greens for my supper last night. Damn good. THe Handmaiden is looking to find these kind of things and identify them. She is getting pretty proficient. Last night I had Curly Doc and probably the last Dandelion greens of the season. Pretty damn good. And the amzing thing is the nutritioal value of this stuff.

1 cup raw Dandelion greens (cooks down to not much)

Gives you 54% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A

It gives you 151 mcg of Vitamin K. That is 188% of your daily requiement.

It gives you 103 MG of Calcium or 10% of your daily requirement.

It gives you 1.7 of Iron or 9% of your daily requirement.

In camparison with Broccoli, the Dandelion greens are much more nutritious. And Broccoli is considered a superfood. If it is too late to get Dandelion greens at your place be sure and get them next Spring. And it is an excellent source of fiber.

note: The water you cook these greens in has great nutitional value. I threatened to beat the Handmaiden when I found she had drank it all herself. Do not worry. She is a very small woman and I was in no danger. But I have a strong claim in on some of the "tea" the next batch of greens she cooks. Google will not give me any data on the nutritional value of Curly Doc so the Handmaiden is digging it out of her store of books. She brought in Chickweed, Orpine (Aarons Rod) and Dandelion greens and root. Salad time! She loves getting this healthy, high nutrition food for the price of stooping over and picking it. I hear food prices are going up. With all this free stuff the Handmaiden picks we may not notice it too much. Wouldn't that be killer!


A lot of people are worrying about creditors. If it is going to put you out on the street with your family then you better do something. There are still mechanisms in place for taking back what you owe on. Do what ever it takes to keep body and soul together. Hell, take a Chapter 11 bancrupcy if you need it. That will stall them off for a while. Speaking in mathematical percentages, there is a high probability that the debtor will know that the bills aren't going to get paid before the loan shark does. Get any plan you can make, in place and functioning, before the bastards come after their collateral.

Most of you people are victims. You BELIEVED the bastards. You wee trying to live the American Dream. You dutifully went to work all the time and pulled your oar. But now the bubble has burst and you are the criminal. You are the dirty SOB that ain't paying the bill. Forgive me if I don't believe that, however. Forgive me if I think you were robbed by banking charlatans. Forgive me if I think that Wall Street really did it. Forgive me if I feel that all these BFPoS (Bundled Financial Pieces of Shit) were a hoax from the beginning and were never going to make it. Forgive me that I don't think you crashed the economy and put thousands, soon to be millions, out of their jobs, and many out of their homes. You were being a good American citizen. Now you can become a good SURVIVALIST. Survivalism transcends all borders. If you are in it you are a world citizen. But a GOOD world citizen and not a New World Order freak.

There is free food out there. Learn it and eat it. Don't get it out of peoples lawns. American lawns are the most toxic places on earth. WHAT OTHER MEN TREAD UPON WILL BE YOUR FOOD. And it's pretty good stuff! You will learn to scrounge and prosper. You will learn who will help you and who will rip you off. You will learn about a HUGE market in the country that does not make the news. It's all barter and cash and traded work. And you can get anything you want in that market. Fuck the regulations. We are talking about a free economy here! Engraved in the steps leading up to my old High School were the words KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Don't forget that. And don't give your knowledge to scumbags.

As I was writing earlier today, there is a change coming to this planet and the clever will make it. When the SHTF there will be Jubilee declared and all debts canceled. By that time you should have found you a nice piece of goverment property with a good spring on it. Maybe you can find someone who has more land than they can cover and will let you in on the deal. Man! It will be the ringing of the bell of FREEDOM!


This is the site where you can get the data on Curly Doc



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The Urban Survivalist said...

I've been eating dandelion greens a lot lately. The last couple of years I've been roaming my neighborhood looking for places where wild edibles grow and I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. When the neighbors start complaining about how hungry they are I'll just take them for a walk, show them a couple of my wild edible books and let them decide how desperate they are to feed their families. I've got a post coming up about it in the near future as a matter of fact.

As for the financial stuff, that's what happens when you don't let the free market do it's thing. The problem is that we DON'T have a free market but the politicians and financial gurus keep trying to call it a free market so that they can get their bailouts and lead us to socialism.