Thursday, April 17, 2008


The scene: A large city surburban area. Smoke is coming from several buildings. Angry people are walking and running, carrying guns and bottles of flamable liquid. We are in a relatively untouched suburb but it has crowds of rioters collecting.

Suburbanite: Hold it everybody. I am a Prepper and I almost have my survival retreat almost ready. The 20" squares of marble flooring aren't laid as yet but we almost have them bought and paid for. We have our organic non-hybrid seed bought in volume and stored on the site. Our kids rooms are almost completed and the solar power system will give us enough juice to keep them amused. Could you PLEASE stop rioting and let us have the time to get our place built? We only need two more years at the most and then we will be glad if you burn the city down. Honest!

Rioter 1: What the fuck you talkin'about muthafuker? We be starving here and you want us to starve for another two years so you can get away clean? Shut yo' muthafukin' mouth!

Suburbanite: Wait. You don't understand. We became aware of what you are aware of three years ago and started our getaway plans. We are in this with you. We want you to get out too! We aren't asking anyone to die for us but to just give us some more time?

Rioter 2: Tell us how many poor people you are taking with you! How many poor folks are you willing to feed? Have you got housing for them? Who are they and why aren't they here with you to protect you and your family?

Suburbanite: I don't really have a group going with me. I've never talked to anyone about joining forces. But I sure am ready to talk about it now! Who wants to join?

Rioter 1: Where you goin'? How far is it? Can you take 50 or 100 people!

Suburbanite: I can take a bunch but I don't have the vehicles or the fuel to do it. Can you help out on that?

Rioter 1: We can get the cars and maybe a few trucks to haul the people. The fuel may come by force but we will get it. Will you be leading us there?

Suburbanite: I sure will lead you there. 50 or 100 people sounds like a good force for growing food and doing the security. Have you got guns and ammo?

Rioter 2: We got all the AK's you want and all the ammo you can haul. Tons of both.

Suburbanite: This is sounding better all the time. We could go real soon if we had lots of building materials to take with us. I could make up a list pretty quick if you can get the stuff.

Rioter 1: You write it down and we will be ready in a day or two. Can you be ready to go by then?

Suburbanite: Hell yes I can be ready. This is a great thing! We actually have a chance to survive with this big a force.

Rioter 2: We'll be ready. Just give us the list and don't ask any questions about how we got the stuff. We'll keep in touch and have the supplies in two days. Write it down. Let's get this show on the road. We got hungry women and kids.

Suburbanite: Well, a couple of you come inside and I will make up a list. Can you keep the place calm?

Rioter 2: Hell yes. We are all from the same 'hood and we know who can take care of business.

Suburbanite: Fine. We get down to brass tacks. You two come on inside so we can talk while I write.

Rioter 1: [He turns and faces the crowd.] We are gong in here and make plans for a future we never had before. Keep everything cool and don't let anybody start any shit. We are going to save ourselves!

The crowd of rioters cheer and the three men go inside the house to make the plans for their future.


See how I made this all come out good in the end? See how I made the parties concerned rational and thinking? See how I didn't have a scene where the rioters just see the suburbanite and shoot him down in cold blood and fire his house? Notice that there wasn't a scene where his wife and kids are raped and murdered? It is kinda nice when your keyboard controls humanity. You can make 'em do whatever you want.

But let us consider tha chances of this scene working out the way it did. Would you go for one in a million? How about one in ten million? Would you go for a snowball's chance in Hell? Did you notice that none of the rioters asked any questions about the land and what went with it? It's really a jerk-off play, modeled after fairy tales. And making it in the suburbs during a national catastrophe is a fairy tale.

Jim Dakin and Mickey Creekmore have gone to the land and are getting ready as best they can. They are not waiting for things to be "right". They are preparing for things to be WRONG. I personally know men who do business on three continents and they say shit is getting pretty deep out there in the world. And these men aren't scared, they are just very cautious. And they fully understand the concept of jingle mail. If the shit hits the fan they will simply mail in the keys and go home.
Aint no mortgage on the house in the country. The gardens go in on May 10th.

Happy harvest!



Dragon said...

I think you hit the nail dead center there....getting prepped is a start...But folks have a hard time leaving the warm familiar places... Folks should realize, Town will be untenable at best, no matter how well you are armed... In town You risk becoming a part of the problem... In Town the mob wont be the real problem....That will be the suits,Carpet baggers in reality. they want you to volunteer your time and your supplies for their(greater good) reconstruction plan, To help them bring order, and raise them into power. In all reality they are nothing more than con artists who will prey on the urbanites with vague promises and lofty visions of how to restore it all as it was... They will drain resources and move on to the next bunch of chumps when things wear thin.
To Many The Katrina event is OVER and done...The TRUTH is Katrina's effects are still a reality after 3 years... Little has been accomplished outside of the tourist areas or the homes of the affluent... Seems they were able to export alot of problems and are in no hurry to get them back...The lessons of Katrina are yet to be fully learned or appreciated it seems...
Few seem to realize the full implications of a total crash, or are willing to voice it if they do....
How many are prepped to survive a bad winter?...How many will have food until that first crop / harvest?...
I don't know the answer myself. Its become stylish to be prepared,but only for 90 days like the fema people state.
It would seem to me that being off the grid practicing good noise, light discipline with crops in the ground would be to a preppers, any preppers advantage. My personal plan has always been to go the Hermit route. I prefer the solitude of the high places and revel in the knowledge that I alone know of the places I travel. I study local history and the ways of the mountain folk, and I doubt that there are a dozen folks alive here abouts who know all that I do. The mountains here are like an old friend to me. and like and old friend they share their secrets grudgingly. Come what may my friend,rest assured some of us will survive. Dragon

gott_cha said...

Ditto to all Dragon said!

gott_cha said...

Far Too many people think prepping means an AR15 with 1k of ammo, a couple cases of MRE's, a survival knife , a BOB and going out in a blaze of glory!
Thats a good "starter" prep for defense,but if its all they have ,..soon they will become just another free-booter looking to take from others,.....these armageddon lone-wolf types will become the enemy.What else can they be? They are dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs

Be wary of these types now, them out before trouble comes,..they will become desperate and take even from the mouths of children to feed their selfishness because they have no skills other than "spray-n-pray",..Watch for them,they are easy to spot if you know what to look for.
You and your families lives may depend on it!

Michael in your story,..truth is that the first Homie will walk up to that white collar guy pull his pistol, hold it laying side-ways (cause thats how it came outta da box)and shoot the guy...(take dat MoFo). (white man always keepin me down).
I like your fairy tale!! most believe it will go that way,..where peace and love and "lets just all get along" will triumph! Hahahaha,..we know better!

Great post my friend!

Staying Alive said...

I can't see the validity of anyone saying they don't have the time to survive. I don't see where money matters in the equation. Get out of town and start working on the next problem. Getting to your retreat, living there full time, does not cause life's little problems to go away. NOTHING causes life's problems to go away. But priorities have a habit of remaining true. It seems to be impossible to get this across to some people.


The Urban Survivalist said...

It's not set in stone that the world is going to end in our lifetimes. We've gone through hard times before. If economic collapse and food shortages are what kill us then we're going to see it coming from a mile away. Riots in the bread lines in places like Egypt and Haiti where politics have more to do with their people not getting fed than not having the food don't have much of an affect on the US. The only thing that tells me is that we're going to be the last ones to feel it. We will have time to see it coming.

Dragon said...

Hey Urban, It's coming right for us!

Ryan said...

That was awesome. I like it alot. I will add ur blog to the morning read list.