Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have been talking up Jim Dakin and Mickey Creekmore around the globe. They are breaking the hold of the system. I am hoping it turns into a national movement, maybe even world wide effort. The best way to kill a beast is to not feed it. Cut it off from it's food supply and pretty soon it's all over. Fantastic!

One thing I like about my morning reading of the various Doomers is the way some things click together. Jim Dakin wants to do it on the cheap. Mickey Creekmore goes and does it in a major way, a big move. Some people chime in with little pieces of knowledge and advice. And all of a sudden the tumblers all fit into place and a door opens in your mind and you can see freedom. And the scripture says that where the Spirit of the lord is there is liberty. And in another place you can read, "How blind is my servant." Can a person work for God and not even know it?

My friend down in Mis'sippy, Mike Kemp, is working on a huge garden project. He bought one of the last remaining original Troy-bilt tillers existant, brand new. It is a few years old but it sure does the job. Got into some heavy clay that was holding some water and it went through it like a kid with his allowance. Easy workin'. And the little town near by is opening up a farmers market for produce. Mike will try to take a pick-up load a week to his little soiree.

But it is the smell of freedom that I perceive. It is the garnering of a small amount of cash outside the system that I love to hear about.

I was telling about my Handmaiden's foray into the garden area yesterday. It's just weeds right now. But she picked several large bags of weeds and we will be eating them very soon. High vitamin weeds! Loaded with vitamins and minerals and grown in clean soil with no crap put in it.

This idea of breaking out of the system is where it's at. They can't get us for eating the weeds on our own property. If we buy our non-hybrid seed soon enough then Monsanto can't corrupt our food.

I have told the Handmaiden to buy me a small zinc coated garbage can with a lid this morning on her way back from the Amish. The proper term is galvanized can. I think we may be getting up to a good level of beans and rice and what not. I want to start ordering large quantities of seed. If I can successfully grow crops with non-hybrid seed then I can grow crops forever. At least theoretically. But that means the chain of the seed companies is broken. That means we can gain a little more freedom. And freedom is where it's at.

Stay alive.


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admin said...

Yes! Lets go for critical mass!
One reason I live a self-reliant lifestyle is to undermine the monster, starve it, pull the rug from under it's feet. It can only exist with money. Money is power, no money is no power. Simple as that. And the environment will be a more wholesome place as a result. The power is in our hands, collectively.