Saturday, April 12, 2008


I had a pretty good survival week and I think a lot of other folks did also.

Some readers contributed some fine stuff to the blog. Interesting things to help us along.

We had a reader not many weeks ago say that in undeveloped countries we would see civil unrest and political problems with the advent of a food shortage or too high of prices. This weekend we have the deposing of the Haitian Prime Minister. The food cost was too high and the people just could not afford to eat and live. Mugabe is on his last legs in Zimbabwe. With 100,000 percent inflation you can see why.

Birmingham, Alabama, and the county in which it sits is about to declare bankrupcy. That is a pretty good sized city to be throwing in the towel.

I got anther 100 round box of #8 shot 12 gauge from China Mart. That is for Tweety Bird carcasses to go into the Handmaiden's beans when she cooks 'em. I love that good thick juice when she cooks beans. It would make such a great delivery system for protein.

I now have a brand new 35 gallon galvanized trash can for storing survival preps. It will be mainly for beans and rice and corn and things like that. We ordered a new Grain mill today to go along with our preps. It is supposed to grind really fine and we can make our own flour that way. Earlier in the week I bout a 20 pound bag of rice at an asian store. I will not be scoring too many preps for a while but I really got with it this week. The wife bought a plunger style clothes washer. I guess it works sorta like a toilet plunger. She is getting a bucket wringer to get most of the warer out of the clothes.

The wife also went to a community auction and bought a nice gun case for $2.50. Helluva deal. Nice case. Now I can arm her with a rifle and she can keep it in her car ar all times. Along with her Schrade skinning knife we got a few weeks ago. Life is good.

Dragon has some mighty things to say in the way of predicitons if you can get him to talk. He doesn't blog near enough. Get on his case! Dragon says he is going to be providin gus with some canning recipies for meat. They will probably be over on his blog.

Mike Kemp down in Mis'sippy ate his first meal out of his garden tonight. April 12th. Pretty early for mature vegetables up here in Yankeeland. But we won't be having 70 degree weather until the end of next week and he is already in the 80's some days. He will be in the MUG a lot sooner than we will!

A lot of readers gave out with some very good info this week. Vlad was especially helpful. He gives out with all those dehydrated meat procedures. That is next for me to try!

But it was a good week and I had a lot of good times with the Stay Alive folks. Post to me any time you wish. I like discussions and news and tips for preppers. I even like predictions and things you feel are going to happen. If you stay away from the TV you might be surprised what comes to you.

Just about my bedtime. Don't watch TV so I go to bed at night and get up early in the morning. I like that and I especially like not having to pay a cable or a satellite bill.

Stay Alive!


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Dragon said...

I wonder when someone would metion the laundry churn, sure beats scrubbing yer skin off yer knuckles.
Course ya still gotta scrub some but not as much...Dragon