Friday, April 18, 2008


Thre was a little bit of controversy concerning yesterdays blog. I thought we had some of the best comments this blog has seen in a long time. I post blogs with the idea in mind that I am posting to a higher intellect than what watches the soap operas every day. I think survivalists are a step ahead of the thundering herd. No doubt about it.

I read some of the blogs by people who are going to ride it out in the cities and the burbs. My heart sorta goes out to them but I can't help but feel that they might end up with the blood of innocent people on their hands. If people trust you then you are under an obligation to tell them as atraight as you can make it. And if your thinking is off, so is your advice. And if a lot of preppers aren't with you on staying in the city, then you might re-examine your position. I personally talk with other preppers most every day. I run things by them and see if they salute or turn their heads. And they ain't always right and I ain't always wrong, but there is such a thing as council and it is here for a reason. Use it for the advanage of all of us.

We have a new Doomer in our midst. He calls his blog "Something Evil Comes". I couldn't agree with him more. His blog for today is about homemade MRE's and I think the man is on to something. I will get with the Handmaiden and we will start reading labels to find shelf life on some of these things. I know there are meats and stuff that come in foil containes now instead of cans. If they last a long time I don't see why this material can't be utilized for preps. Hell, maybe some of you are already doing it! If you are then shame on ya'. You should have let Michael know about it. Try this guy at I think you will enjoy his thinking. I personally am against MRE's and say I won't eat them but you know how that is. Rather than die of starvation you will see me crawling across the floor to get to my MRE stash. Hell yes. Survivalism before Ego.

I have heard that the will to live is not proper, that only God can let you live. And I have heard that the desire for any type of leadership is wrong, that only God leads. But my Father lives forever. My Father is the leader of all creation. Surely some of his traits are in me and therefore are not sin. Does it not say that "If his seed yet remaineth in you then you can not sin." And does it not say that "Christ thought it not robbery to be equal with God." Meditate on this. I have a friend who says that if he is attacked and killed he will go home to God with an escort.

I am missing about four ducks out on the lake. I think they went wild during all the flooding we have had these recent weeks. I went looking for fathers suspecting foul play but they weren't there. My email brought me a tale of baby geese coming out of their shells. Seems like breaking out of the egg does the final strengthening of the little fellas and if you help them through this process you are actually doing them a harm. I wonder what struggles we humans go through that are there to strengthen us and we try our damndest to get out of them. Like Mike Kemp says, "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger." I think having a positive attitude and doing survival preps is a clue to someones development. The negative folks and the unbelievers are merely undeveloped in their minds.

Survival preps this week have been good. I got a 35 gallon galvanized trash can with a good lid and filled it with my rice and bean stash. That also afforded me an inventory of my TANGIBLE investments. And the inventory gave me an idea of where I stood in survival terms. The Handmaiden bought some more rice and some cans of fruit, plus more spices to keep the food interesting. I got a new Hammer and a reach extender. The reach extender is for excursions to pick up free stuff. One of my spiritual brothers told me to not fool around with searching for freebies in a small town. He said to go to a big town and then it was like going to ChinaMart. I will heed that advice. Big town here I come. My truck gets shitty MPG but if I can bring home $500 or more worth of stuff it will be a Godsend. I also scored 3 old semi tires for the Handmaiden. She wants to use them to make beds for potatoes to grow in. I told you she was Irish. But if hunger goes through the land then I will be Irish too! Hell yes! Erin go braugh! Uh...pass the potatoes please. She also picked up some more sugar for the stash.

I picked up some dark chocolate at Big Lots. It was cheap enough and it had little pieces of strawberry in it. Mighty good and I think mighty good for you. Dark chocolate is getting some good reviews in the health sites there days. Supposed to be really good for you. I eat it in the morning for my caffine fix. Coffee is an addictive substance and we may as well face it. It starts your motor in the morning and it will trigger your bowel to move and get rid of stuff you don't really need anymore.

A lot of people will be surprised at being constipated when they run out of coffee. It ain't no big deal to handle constipation. You sit down on the throne and bend over as far as you can and push like you were going to take a dump. Bending over as far as you can keeps you from experiencing pain. And pain is generally a sign that you are doing something wrong. This method is expecially good for a bout with hard stools. When the movement starts and you feel the little devil start to slide out into the world, keep a little pressure on it and slowly raise yourself up into a proper sitting position. At this point you will have successfully completed a proper bowel movement. I'll bet your mom and dad never told you THAT trick.

A quick look round the news sites this morning show the stock market is gaining like crazy. The dollar is up and so is the price of a barrel of oil. Gold got hammered of course. I love this bullshit. There ain't nothin' been fixed. All that has happened is the federal reserve has dumped a lot of money into the stockmarket to make it look like things were getting better. A lot of people have their pensions tied up in the stock market and they vote and the politicians are not quite ready to let it all crash. And the masses all feel better if the stock market recovers. Even if they don't have any money in it they still think it bodes well for them. The money is all smoke and mirrors. The financial advice of Micheal is to invest your money in TANGIBLES. 'Nuff said.

The Handmaiden is working on her Dandelion wine project. I drove her to her Dandelion patch yesterday and she picked a big bag of the things. All kinds of mysterious activity has been going on ever since. Fruit has been cut up. Sugar has been measured out. Yeast has come forth. Ain't had any Dandelion wine since back when I was a kid and Grandpa made it. When Prohibition stalked the land Grandpa made a good living as a producer of whiskey and beer. The wine he made when I was a kid was just a bit of nostalgia on his part. But it was good.

I can tell you a funny story about Grandpa. He had to move from Ohio to Indiana because the county where he lived changed hands politically. He moved to Liberty, Indiana, and got his little business up and rolling. He made a very large batch of beer. He took Grandma and the kids to town one Saturday morning and while they were gone from the farm he had rented there came a huge low pressure change in the atmosphere. All the beer he made blew up right on the walls of his house. Hundreds of quarts of beer. The aroma was stifling. They had to move to town for a while, after leaving the doors and windows open on the house. The best laid plans of mice and men, etc.

The blogging community has been really heads-up this week. Dakin and Creekmore and Dragon many others. They sure have helped me!

I'll go for now. Stay alive!



Selous Scout said...

Hey Michael, thats for mentioning my blog and the complements. I want to share my ideas with those who may be starting out with preparing as well as those who have their houses in order. If I can stimulate thought and action, well then I am well rewarded for my effort.

A-man said...

I'm catching up on a couple weeks of Staying Alive - love your blog.

The folks who think it isn't Biblical to lead or prep ("will to live") must have skipped Genesis -- Joshua led Potiphar's household and then all of Egypt as he stored up vittles for the coming bad years.

Take care.