Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey Pal,

One of my buddies that lives on the same lake I do has laid off his help and told his wife to maybe get a job. He is a painting contractor and a damn good one. He can really paint and do a beautiful job. He has been working down at French Lick, Indiana, on a Casino/Hotel operation for 2 years. His work is flawless and his crews turn out the work in short order. And he is getting hassled by the main contractor because the main man has a guy in his church who paints and needs a job and so my friends work gets picked on. They didn't like they way one of his crew looked on the job. So he just said to hell with it and rolled it up. He has been there for 2 years working on this restoration. But it's getting tight now and folks are doing everything possible to get work, including knifing someone who presently has work. I hope their project comes to a sad end.. Dirty backstabbers.

Just keep your eyes open to people trying to knife YOU, my friend.

I've got hassled at work cause I won't cut my hair,but when I'm on the job, work gets done quickly and professionally...On my last roofing Job we got hassled by other contractors who checked up on us to see if we were dumping shingles illegally...
We weren't, but it turned out that the troublemakers were...
Now they are in court and we are still working.... We are only two men doing the work of five... But in our case experience pays off and I get paid well as I get paid extra so we don't have to hire more laborers... Having the right tools for the job makes our day easier too. A good instance of what I'm talking about,2 weeks ago we started a 27square roof a day later than the contractor who worked across the street. they had a days start and a 5 man crew on a 22 square roof... we finished a day before them and cleaned up and were paid, just the 2 of us.
we have more work from our job and they don't...
Just like survival...Attitude and experience will and can carry you through...A good positive attitude is an asset every where in life....being able to think on my feet has served me well whether it be in the woods or on the job. Having good tools never hurt none neither. On a roof I've got a coil nailer and the right equipment, bought from the harbor freight store. If something doesn't work we return it and get something that will work. The money we save on equipment helps us to get one up on the competition. They have all the pretty, shiny and expensive equipment but they don't pay for good labor and thats where we rule. Folks every where are stabbing others in the back driving down the labor prices and labor hasn't raised its prices in too many years....I only work for top wages and get paid every day... if more labor did / demanded this .we could turn the country around. if more people spent money daily the economy would stop its slow slide to oblivion. but, folks being how they are, save their dollars away and tomorrows dollar isn't worth what it was today.
I know that I will survive if only by my own design.
Lots of folks won't, except for a few lucky fools who will manage to survive by accident. but that is the nature of fools.
Share those books all around,and if you find any you think I might
be needing, send them around....I've a copy of Tappan here somewhere in pdf form....but most preppers have that one already in hardcopy.
Todays preps include a computer in fixable condition thats newer than the one on my desktop. I scored it from a dumpster.
I also scored some more coffee,but i traded it away before dinner. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I'll have to write you more stuff later...Dragon

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