Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hi Mike,
I found that I could save a lot on a 20 lb bag of rice buy shopping at a save-a-lot store. there are no shortages there. I know them to be in Pa and Ohio.
I hope this info may prove useful to others. Dragon

Hello Mike,
My RN took me to Fla. or two weeks and I got back last Monday. I have been reading your column right along. But sometimes I couldn't see it because of my vision. And my memory isn't quite up to par. I talked to her about my doomer buddie and she contributed the idea that deception is our friend. If you were trapped in a subdivision or the subs you could put out all kind of signs showing a full range of diseases that would keep people out. Things like plague, smallpox, biohazard signs, quarinteed signs. She said they should look homemade and like they were made in a hurry. She said thats what they did in New Orleans when they found infection. And they could not get people to go into those areas for clean up.

What do you think?

I read your work this week and liked it. I am very pleased that you brought out the idea of a metal container. I told RN to buy some galvanized cans and tomorrow I shall go to Dollar General for Rice.


Hi Mike,
Long time reader and enjoyer of your postings.

I have a request, I need to know of a good bike for fat guys. I'm 6'1" and at 300. I want to get into biking due to the nice trails I have open to me. Ill be towing my four year old son with me. We should be on paved trails mostly.

Do you know of any good bikes? I don't trust the bike shop not to screw me over, so I was wanting to have some knowledge before going to them and looking at models.


Note: I sent Jerry a URL for very heavy duty bikes that I got form Vlad.


Heya back... The local wallyfart store had rice at 27.00 per 20 lb. save alot was alot less 8.00 less per 20 lb bag.....Locally here thats about the best I can do other than the heath store and I bought them outa rice a week ago....and they havent restocked yet....Wallymart here wants12.00 per 10 lb bag of rice....I'm at 100 lbs of rice now fer me alone and I'm still behind in the legume (bean) dept....I'm trying to breakup the types of beans I purchase,just for diversities sake if nothing else...with my rice requirements outa the way for now I'm concentrating on cereal grains next...I have to be careful of bulk purchases there because someone might get the idea I'm running a still or some such nonesense...

another clue would be I was able to purchase 55 gallon pickle barrels for 6.00 each with screw on lids... I get them from a pickle and olive canning factory near here...You have to buy 3 to get the 6.00 ea price. they are food safe,of course and can be buried for use as rain barrels and oil storage...on other fronts Ollie's has 1 gallon motor oil for 5.00 ea....Deals abound all over if you keep yer eyes and ears open....Those discount places are a preppers best friend,Dragon


vlad said...
Husky HD 120
19 inch frame
rated 400 lb GVW
many options

Ricardo's Law said...

Well, I'm a bit late to the game, but I've got some pretty heavy-duty utility/cargo bikes that might be of interest to survivalists and preppers.

A lot cheaper, even with shipping, than the Husky or the Worksman bikes.

See my blog for details.