Monday, April 14, 2008


It's a nice day to go visiting. My friend Dragon has a very good post up today. It's about canning your food, especially meat, but other nugggets are in there also. I am about 20 years older than Draagon but he represents a CONNECTION to another time, another generation. Some of us hung out with the older folks when we were kids. It wasn't so special as it was just the way life was. Events called for the whole family and the whole family attended.

These connections can be very beneficial to us in the future. They can help us stay alive.

My teacher wrote a song many years ago, about the times coming toward us. He called the song Mommie 'Merica. It was a song for the generation of leadership that failed us. Here is the chorus.

We're now you, for what you did we're sorry.
Old time ways we're bringin' back again.
We're buildin' barns and tradin' jams and jellies,
And we're holdin' hands and the hands of all our kids.

So go visiting today and read the Dragon. He's sorta like kinfolk. He's family. He is at


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Thanks for the shout Mike...Dragon