Friday, April 25, 2008


I started reading a new blog today. Gotta do that since so many have dropped out for the Summer. I guess they figure the fall of civilization will wait until they get back. But the new guy is He is pretty smart and his mind seems to be together. He has a two part article on Bartertown. Read it. He makes a lot of sense. And remember, you will want a Bartertown. Having people drop by at odd hours to trade and palaver is not going to be conducive to a peaceful existance.

Jim Dakin wrote a great blog today. He is at in case you don't already know it. The same with Jim Rawles over at the great Very good blog.

The Handmaiden has given me a foraging link that I find to be very informative. You if are into god and free then try Nice pictures and all of that. She also gave me a site of some contrarianism called This site is for folks who do it for the rebellion of it, among other things. Good info, though.

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Ricardo's Law said...

Staying Alive:

Thanks for the hat-tip on the Bartertown Plan. Keep your eyes peeled for continued postings on this and other subjects.

And Keep Up the Good Work!