Monday, April 28, 2008


I got to reading some Doomer this morning who sells food and he is so full of his own self importance that it is unbelievable. But there are different diameters of wire and they handle different amounts of current.

The question was raised about global warming. I think we are in for global cooling myself. The Legions who follow Al Gore may think much differently than I do but who cares? There is absolutely NOTHING we can do about it. That which comes from above is dominant. Ain't any way out of it. Yeah, I know, you can have an earthquake. You can have a volcano rise up in the back 40. But these things are mostly temporary and will pass. But all along, that which comes from above is dominant.

People react to dominance. And I say that as behavior opposed to acting. Whatever the weather is we react. The age of cheap fuel brought in the ubiquitous thermostat. Man no longer had to suffer nature but could turn a little dial on the wall and have his life as he wished it to be, at least climatically. You could have it cold in the Summer and hot in the Winter, if you wished. People wish to escape dominance but a little look around will give note to their failure. We follow the Sun, and have for millions of years. Where ever it goes we go also. And there is no mortal who can change that. The same applies to the Moon. It has followed the earth for millions of years and will continue, most likely. Think of all those asteroids that have crashed into the backside of the Moon and not made it to earth. And the Moon could not get out of the way. And who cares? I had no part nor lot in setting this system up and I just make my way however it seems best and doable.

I am no different than anyone else when it comes to being reactive to a dominant force. Make food scarce and I will do things to get food. I have to eat and I will do what it takes 5o continue doing it. So will you. No sane thing wants to die. No sane thing wants to be robbed of its natural strength. No sane thing wants to be faced with harsh impediments to its existance.

Life seems to be dealing us a different hand these days. Of course, the media tells us what it wants us to know. And the media works hand in hand with the government and big business. That is how the media makes it's money. Everyone who thinks the media tells us the truth and is populated by people who just love reporting things to the people raise their hands. Hummm. I don't see any hands. And I damn sure didn't raise mine!

So we can't rely on any factual news to tell us what is going on. What are we to do? Well, we can surf the 'net and read alternative news sites and see what they are saying. They rely on sensationalism quite a bit to get their readership up to where they can attract good paying advertisers. But there are those among them who relish publishing the news and they do so to the best of their ability. They can't do it every day but they try. But they are a source of different opinions regarding what is going on in the world. And it helps to have a differing opinion.

We can read the blogs! Hell, I publish one of those myself. I do it for my own personal satisfaction. I do it because I can run counter to the mainstream media and tell people what I think is going on. And I can use incidents from my own life to back me up. Experience counts. I can use the blog to tell people about dangers I see. I can use the blog to tell people what others think are dangers. I use the blog for counsel and not to follow a multitude to do evil. Not all blogs are published this way, but this one is.

And we have our personal friends to tell us of what is going on in their area of life. Phone calls and e-mail are used a lot in this country. Billions of emails are sent every day. We yak a lot! And this is about all we have as natural human beings to keep us abreast of what the hell is going on.

You can get on the trail of damn near any rumor you wish. And there are a lot of them. And if your investigation bears fruit, one way or another, then fine. But if it doesn't solve itself then don't worry about it. Like Dragon is fond of saying, "Keep your nose to the wind and your eyes on the ridgeline." Not much else you can do, really. You might get a warning about freebooters or government confiscation but that is about all. I ain't so sure they will even tell us if a nuclear missile strike is headed our way.

So you keep preparing, day after day, week after week. Because the system is in error and that is it's own reward. When things rightfully interpreted to be beyond our control are taking place and you know they are wrong, that they are in error, then get off your ass and get prepared. And the more I study the more I feel that individual survivalism, even practiced out in the country, is a waste of time and energy. Strong groups have a chance. Strong individuals have a good chance of getting their asses shot off. THINK! Even if life comes down to basic food production and security work you still have to sleep. Sure is nice to have someone on guard while you are sleeping! And you can have your dogs and your geese and your cans on a string line, but that human judgement is hard to beat. And a sentry can shoot a gun!

So don't pay attention to the blather of life but rather prepare to retain your life. And you will have charge of that. After all...who cares?

Stay alive!


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gott_cha said...

None of us really know what is going to happen. It could be war with Iran,...economy crash, warm/cool whatever hype,..asteroids,..or The revived Soviets nuking us. Since we dont know, then it may be best to try and prepare for just plain old hard times and rainy days. We would go far by listening to the advice of our elders and past generations who had to do for themselves. I remember as a young teen listening to my Grandfather who was a WW1 vet talking about the Great Depression. They farmed and put up lots of food,...not because they expected a depression,.. but because they knew that there was no sure bet when it came to raising food,..they knew there would be off-seasons and droughts and blights and such , they prepared for it. They stocked up!
Keeping you nose to the wind and your eye to the ridge isnt just a catch phrase,..its damn good advise. And only a fool would say eat drink and be married for tomorrow I die.
And as far as group survival goes,..your dead on Michael,..together we stand divided we fall!

Keep up the good posts my friend,..more people than you think are awakening to reality!