Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There seems to be a controversy in whether to live in the city or live in the country. Being a fan of controversy I will jump right in with both feet.

I reckon a lot of you really get off being in all those governmental databases where they keep track of everything you do. I suppose you know that if you start storing fuel to use for a bug out they will know it. And there is some federal law against it. There is a law against most everything if you took the time to search it all out. So you decide the day has come to bug out and that familiar light comes on behind you and a cop pulls you over and asks what you are doing with that hoarded fuel. Good luck explaining what the hell is going on to the junior g-man who has pulled you over. And don't forget, if you are a prepper and they have you in their database they probably will know that you are armed and thus are considered dangerous. Just your friendly tax dollars at work! Go quietly with the gentleman and let the courts handle your case. In the meantime we will confiscate your 10 five gallon cans of fuel out of your little bug out trailer, you dirty little criminal.

But remember, that's how it is, living with The Bitch. What do you think those street guys wear "hoodies" for anyway? They try to hide their faces as much as possible.

So you make the unbelievably stupid decision to bug in. And I know that last statement is not going to make me any new friends. But it might save your life.

I read these guys who go on about taking care of their neighborhoods out in the burbs and the aimless rioters just sort of roaming around looking for signs of a possible food source. What a joke! If there are groups of people out in the streets they are organized! They belong to GANGS. They have some of the most rigid personnel control of anyone on the planet! If you are in a gang, you follow orders and that is that. If you don't follow orders you get a bullet. Someone else takes over your woman and life goes on. So let the aimless rioter syndrome be struck down for good. It ain't happenin'. You have just been vaccinated. I hope it takes.

What you have to rely on is your own intuitive quest to live. What you will have done, if you have had to stay in town all this time, is know of a back street, hardly traveled, way to get out of town. It might take you through some older parts of town. It might take you down by the train yards. It might take you past some junk yards. It might take you a lot of places most folks don't go but it might take you out of that f*****g city too. There be more than one way to skin a cat.

I remember old Daddy Lyons. Some say he was the inspiration for the song "Big John." He was not 6'6" however. He was more like 5'8". Built like a brick. He had been a coal miner and later on a trucker. He was a dominant old cuss. And he happened to get caught in Watts in the riot of the 60's. Man. People doing all kinds of crazy shit. I am sure Daddy Lyons found it all a bit unnerving. People were burning buildings and looting stores and generally raising hell. Guns were being fired and there were a few bodies in the streets. Being just a simple guy from Kentucky, Daddy Lyons made a quick assessment of the situation and got his hog leg out from under the seat and put it on his dashboard. He then continued to drive on, unscathed, out of Watts and out into friendlier climate.

And I have related the story of Daddy Lyons with the express purpose of letting you know that the aimless rioting and looting ain't where it's at anymore. The rioters have been educated. There is command and control among the goons. And they ain't gonna quit having control. You can bet on that. When they come out of their home area in search of food and shelter, they are going out as a group. And they will be armed and they will be disciplined. Don't ever doubt that. The South Koreans kicked the rioters ass in the riots of the Rodney King era. They called in their relatives from all over the state of California and took care of business. The maurading rioters were denied the looting and burning of the Korean shops and stores. One more lesson for the rioters to remember. And they do. Don't be delusional and think they don't.

The rioters you are likely to meet will have expensive pistols and medium range semi or fully automatic rifles. AK's come quickly to my mind when thinking about their rifles. City guns, not long range bean field rifles. They will function well in an urban environment.

Get away from these people. They will kill you. They will rape your wife and daughters, if they have the time and the inclination. If they don't, the ladies just get a knife in the throat and left to die. These people will not totally devastate your home until they have taken what ever they need for their own personal survival. Then they will burn it down. Or if they get too much of a resistance, they will burn it down right at first. Just like our troops operate in the Mid-East. If they think an enemy is holed up in a house and has plenty of troopies and relatives to protect them, they dump a guided bomb on the poor bastards and THEN they go investigate the remains. You will get the same response from present day rioters only they will burn you out instead of dropping a million dollar bomb on your head.

If this country is attacked from off-shore, the chances of a large group of people congregating ANYWHERE are remote. The so called DIE OFF will include most everybody, I am afraid. As a man posted yesterday, the government of this country is hated and any military action taken against it will be most severe. Urban survivors may just find themselves crawling out of their holes just to die walkihg out on the street. AND IF I CAN THINK OF THIS YOU CAN DAMN WELL BET THAT AN ENEMY FORCE HAS ALREADY THOUGHT OF IT.

The main burning and looting in this country will probably occur if we have food riots and/or fuel riots. Then is when you can die in the parking lot of a big box store. Then is when the freebooters will reign freely in the areas of suburbia nd the close-in small towns. This is the time you will get burnt out and your family destroyed. If folks get a little hungry they can be very violent. AND IF IT IS BURNING AND LOOTING THEN THERE WILL BE COMMAND AND CONTROL AMONG THE LOOTERS AND BURNERS! THEY WILL BE ORGANIZED. MUCH MORE ORGANIZED THAN YOU, JOE BLOW PREPPER. Your little stash of rice and beans and a few guns and some ammo won't be shit compared to what you are going to face. These people will be out to kill you.


During the Watts riots the LAPD just shut down. They wouldn't go near the riots. They knew there was a good chance they would get their asses shot off if they did. Troops were eventually called in to stop the rioting. And remember, that was a small area of a large state that was involved in that rioting. The rest of California was relatively calm. The government could still move troops. Wifespread looting on our coasts will be universal, not isolated. Anywhere you have a large population you will have death, disease, starvationn and a few other goodies. And the POLICE will not protect you and the federal troops will MAYBE be there and MAYBE not. And will any troops get to you in time to save you? Got any money you wish to bet on this? And the people who are generally the rioters, the poor, have gotten MUCH BETTER at their chosen method of dealing with social problems.


There ain't a damn thing worth dying for in a city. No house, no job, no social interaction. It's all a thin coating of veneer to keep the ignorant masses in place. Don't fall for it. The cops won't protect you and the militry won't protect you and you damn sure can't fight a determined gang.

Get out into the country!

The countryside is not the end-all of life's ills, but it is a damn sight better than being in a town. You can at least get away from trouble easier out in the country than you can in an urban environment. Head off into the woods and there ain't a whole lot of folks interested in chasing you. Especially if you are carrying a long gun. "Oh please don't throw me in that briar patch!" I am an old man and out of shape, but these young guys around here will kill you out in the woods if you are chasing them. I know 'em. They have ambushed Bambi all their lives and city slickers wont be shit to them. Believe it. Remember Hank jrs. song? "I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive and a country boy can survive." And then: "Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run, Cause all these old boys raised on a shot gun."

If you don't get it let me tell you that living in the country is a lifestyle. Yeah, we shop at the same big-box stores that city people do. But for the most part the similarities end there. I remember when Pharaoh moved the people of God to the area of Goshen in Egypt. The Egyptians weren't into fooling around with cattle and other critters. Too crude and base for them. The Hebrew people, on the other hand, were considered ACTIVE people, people who didn't sit in their shops and count money all day. They got the job of growing beef for Egypt. But they became strong and Egypt got to the point they considerd the Hebrew people to be a threat. So they started making things tough on the Hebrews. But the thing to remember was that living in the country and herding cattle made these people strong and vigorous. And it will do the same for YOU! Living in the country is hard work. Why the hell do you think there ain't many people out here? Making it in the country is difficult. Beautiful level farmland like they have in Iowa is not easy to come by. Damned expensive too.

But while it's tough to make a dollar out here, it's plain easy to stay out of trouble. Ain't any crack dealers standing on the corners trying to hook your kids. They would stick out like a sore thumb. The local guys would throw beer bottles at them as they drove by, for sport. That would give the STOP signs a rest, I reckon.

We have flowing springs out here. Good water. Drink all you want. We have a spring at one end of our property that has a pipe drove into it and water runs out of it 24 X 365. I have been here 37 years and it was running when I came. It's by a road and anyone who wants some water is welcome to drink. Simple as that.

There aen't too many large fields in the cheaper farm land but there will be enough to grow a garden. If you do get some cleared land you can raise a steer or two. Just don't tell the fedgov cause they will want you to implant an expensive chip in the critter. It's part of NAIS and it's for national security, don't you know. It will break most of our small cattle growers but that will have to be be dealt with on another level, I am afraid.

What is the matter? Are you a wimp and a sissy? Do you have lace sewed around the leg of your underwear? Get out and be a man! It ain't gonna be easy and nobody ever said it was. But if something is worthwhile then you have to put a little effort into it. Boys and girls aren't born knowing how to be men and women. They watch other men and women and learn from them. It's a learning process. And you must make up your mind to start somewhere! It's hard but you are a Survivalist, right? You ain't some cut and run idiot running around and waiting for Mommy 'Merica to do it all for you, are you? You do have the intestinal fortitude to take on the countryside don't you?

Free your mind and seize the time. Molon Labe! Get out of the sewer of city living and get into the country and get your life turned around. What the hell good is it to buy preps if you don't get out of the sewer where you bought them? Town ain't a place to live, its a warehouse for things you will need to make it. You live in your home. Out in the country. When society is gone, you will be gone from society.

Stay alive!



Selous Scout said...

Police and military will be dispatched to protect vital infrastructure only. When things get bad, they won't be there to help you.

Look at Katrina. They ran around and collected everyones guns. Sure a law has been passed to prevent that from happening again, but executive orders ignore the law in favor of their own agenda.

gott_cha said...

Michael Im going to deviate from the article a little, Hope you dont mind.

At the current level of horizon events and the fed Gov's need for intrusive data-bases,..along with commercial data-mining it would be prudent advice to always pay in cash.
I know that wont help at COSCO or SAM's club,..they track from your membership card. But you DONT have to buy from them either!! Deals can be had at other places, your homework here....

Went to Wallmart and found rice in 20lb bags for 1.3 cents more than what Sams club had,hey,..whats 1.3, ya know?...also 10 and 20 lb bags of pinto beans for avg. of 69 cent per lb. Ok,..its only going to go higher...
While I was there I located 50lb bags of "Salt" in the hardware section..these bags are used to charge home water softeners...just make sure its not loaded with other additives! You say salt??? Yup you will need salt to plenty of it!!! And I dont mean the little 1lb cardboard cans bulk.

While you are at china-mart, take a look in hardware at the plastic buckets and lids,...You Will Need Containers!!!
Now take all that good stuff up to the register and pay with good old fashion greenbacks.......HAHAHAAA NO PAPER TRAIL...NO DATA COLLECTION!!

If you feel froggy, go on down to your locale garden/flower/feed store,...most towns and cities in america have them,...check out the yellow-pages.

Most will carry animal feed,...animal feed? YUP!!! its the same as whole un-cracked raw grains but its available in bulk.
Get whole corn in 50lb sacks...cornmeal anyone?
Same for its called feed wheat,..also in 50 or 25lb sacks. Its clean and just needs to be milled..comes out of the same silo and same grainery storage facility,..didnt know that did you? Actually the rules and regulations for producing animal foods and feeds are much more stricter than HUMAN FOOD,..believe it or not. Thanks PETA!! .

So now what do you do with this stuff?
What, dont have a grinder? Get one now, dont need the fancy $300 version,...a good dependable mill can be had for 50$ or so.
Oh the buckets,..yeah they a'int air-tight or moisture proof but can be made so with some RTV silicone and duct tape, dont have to have the Omega type sealed buckets that cost upwards of $15 each,...and you wont need the Mylar bags unless you live in a damp and humid area and cant "seal" your buckets.....again....RTY silicone folks!!! Save that money for other things. Prepping need not cost you an arm and leg if done right,..just shop around and think about what you are buying.

Just like the whole grains I just talked about,...We have bought purina brand horse feed YES HORSE FEED, its nothing but whole un-ground wheat,..the bag has less than 2% stems,..has NO additives and no preservatives,...cost &12.50 for 25 lbs, filled two 5 gal. buckets and had enough left over to make a cpl pounds of flour. (Buy as much as you can get,...its going up in price and soon will be all but gone)

We have folks over for dinner at times and the wife will bake bread for the meal,...the folks rave about the "organic stone ground bread" we serve and ask where we buy it. You ought to see the look on peoples faces when we tell them we ground it ourselves,...then tell 'em its horse feed!!

Need a good grinding mill?


The Urban Survivalist said...

You brought up a few interesting points Michael. First of all I like how you mentioned the Koreans that were protecting themselves during the Rodney King riots. It's amazing how a neighborhood with a few people that have the balls to stand up for themselves will send the rioters off to find easier targets.

During Katrina we read about a lot of people who were disarmed by authorities. We even saw the videos. I don't think anyone can forget the video of the little old lady with the .38 that got tackled by that cop. For every story that I read about someone being unlawfully disarmed I read two or three others that detailed the events of people protecting themselves with firearms and neighborhoods coming together to keep looters at bay.

So this trucker Daddy Lyons got caught in the middle of the riots, decided that he didn't want to stick around and all he had to do was put a gun on the dash and they just let him pass right on by? Why doesn't that surprise me? Rioters are not an organized mass of highly disciplined soldiers systematically taking cities apart brick by brick. They're just a bunch of random people taking advantage of a period of lawlessness.

I don't know where you got the idea that these inner city gangs (which don't exist anywhere in my state, let alone near my city) are these well trained, highly disciplined troops that are going to spread across the cities like a virus recruiting, stealing, raping and pillaging until there's nothing left. Most of them are too busy fighting and killing each other to spread out much. If society breaks down then they'll certainly become more dangerous but, like I've said before, they'll be just as dangerous to people in the country if they do actually start to organize.

Like I said before. I grew up in the country. I know how nosy country folk can be. I know how rowdy country boys can be. I also know how much country people tend to hate and distrust strangers. I know what it's like and I prefer the city life. I like having 100 different restaurants to choose from when I go out. I like having video stores, bars, night clubs, grocery stores, big box stores, specialty stores, pharmacies, hospitals and anything else that I need or want within walking distance. If my car breaks down I can call a cab or take the bus. City life is easier. It's also more efficient. Without it we'd all be stuck in the stone age. If nothing bad ever happens (and as much as you hate to admit it there's a very good chance that civilization won't end) then city folk get to keep living their lives in comfort. Come to think of it that's probably what you hate more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Followup: From today's USAToday, about as mainstream as it gets....
Rural Areas Hardest Hit
At this rate there won't be anyone left in the rural hinterlands within a few years except for meth labs and outlaw biker gangs. No jobs, no stores, no food, no gas, no services, unmaintained infrastructure, repo-ed houses and land, nothing left but the occasional salvager or looter, stripping whatever is left clean.
Hell, even the outlying suburbs are already falling victim to abandonment and crime waves" as their occupants pack up and move closer in.