Monday, April 21, 2008


It's the beginning of a new week. I've gotten up and read my survival fix for the day and am now ready to write. I wrote a post called A Comment I Have to Answer the other day and I have gotten some fine comments. Dragon has put one up this morning that almost brought tears to my eyes.

But I have had tears come into my eyes before. Like at the May Day riots in Washington D.C. in 1971. Those D.C. cops must have shot off a huge amount of tear gas during the week long festivities. I had just saved some little old ladies from being crushed by a full 55 gallon drum of oil rolled down a hill by some dumb hippie, or maybe an undercover federal agent. I was a little bit sapped by the effort and I paused to get my breath. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. As I was trying to get my wind back some wondrous D.C. pig exploded a tear gas grenade almost at my feet. I had been in the Army and I knew what to do. As my eyes burned and watered I rushed to the nearest building and looked for water. I found a large drinking fountain and immediately started to rinse my eyes. They finally got cleared of tear gas and I could let up a minute. I looked around and found myself in the National Archives Building. Holy cow! There was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and all kinds of sacred American documents. It was almost like being in Church.

I got over that Churchy feeling, however. I have learned that the government does not acknowledge all those documents unlesss they are under indictment or impeachment proceedings. Then they sound remarkably like the so-called radical element of our country. Funny how that works.

What I wanted to talk about today is Weapons of Mass Destruction. That is what got me to thinking about gas. I've been doused with that on occasion and it is not pleasant. But I was not doused with the deadly stuff. You take Ricin or Mustard gas or some others they have invented and you can be dead very quickly. I'm sure some of you can come up with the names of other chemical poisons out there in killer land. These gases fall into the category of Chemical weapons. I have a good friend who worked for the fedgov running a plant that got rid of this shit with a plasma furnace. Ugly business. You can drive down a busy street with aerosol cans spewing this shit into the air and kill people by the score. Since a lot of it is heavier than air it is best to release it in the upper reaches of a city and let it drift on down into the populace. The main problem with this method is that the stuff diffuses rapidly in the air until it is worthless for it's specified duty. Moving air is the worst enemy of a chemical agent attack. It simply blows the stuff away. Then it becomes so diluted it won't kill anything anyway. A good fitting gas mask will take care of most of this stuff. Kids are kinda hard to fit but the Iraelis have kids gas masks and they do pretty well. The real bummer is if poison gas gets injected into the atmosphere of your dwelling. If you don't have a gas mask you are toast. Your chances of survival are very slim. Subway cars and stations, buses, large office buildings with non-opening windows, etc. are places where poison gas can work it's evil. Stay away from all those kind of places if an attack looks to be on the way.

The next mess of goodies our fellow man has designed to kill us are biological agents. This is an amazing collection of all the evils discovered by our medical professionals. Truly nasty shit. In the deep jungle regions of Africa there are some microbes that will make you bleed from every orifice of your body. I cant spell what it's called but it is close to being called Hemmoragic. You literally hemmorage to death. You bleed to death. And there ain't no cures. Some of these little criters have 90% death rates, or higher.

Of course there is the ever popular Anthrax that the fedgov likes to trot out every now and then. We had a dose of that shit in D.C. a few years back and the wondrous investigative powers of our federal police entities have not been able to find the culprit. The problem is that the stuff was MADE by the fedgov. Ain't no problem identifying the source. It was weapons grade Anthrax made by the good ol' USA. But no one can find out who stole a little bit of it and mailed it out to some politicians. But Cipro became the drug of choice in D.C. for quite a while.

Us nobodies couldnt get any of it but D.C. sure could! Us nobodies just foot the bills, you know. The continuity of government act lets our fedgov have first pick of all the goodies. But there ain't any continuity of the working jerks act, so we have to do without until the fedgove has what it wants. And the sheeple meekly bow their heads and say Amen. Some folks wonder why others get so fired up about FEMA and others not being Johnny-on-the-spot with aid and rebuilding when the poor downtrodden masses get hit with something like Katrina. But if it was fedgov people you can bet your ass they would be getting help, and that most abundantly. Kinda makes you want to get out the hunting dogs and get after the bastards.

There are numerous other diseases that are being fooled with in hopes of eradicating human life. Ebola, Bird Flu, AIDS, various forms of E. Coli, Rabies, Smallpox, Bubonic Plague and others too numerous to mention. But this stuff is all being done by governments, including our own. Some nickel-dime would-be terrorist can't afford the stuff to make and store and transport it. But it is geting done. Don't think for a minute that it is not. And don't think it improbable that some foreign government would try to hit the country with some stifling flu outbreak in order to weaken the populace to something a little more devastating.

The final area of expertise in killing humanity is the use of nuclear weapons. These are the big boys we have lived under all our lives. That ol' Dancin' Baptist, Harry S Truman, used 'em first on the Japanese at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They were of slight power compared to what we have today but they sure did impress the rest of the world. Especially Stalin. He was on the case for getting his own A-Bomb right from the git-go. Others have successfully pursued this achivement.

Nuclear weapons are so wicked that our government has pursued a course of NOT ATTACKING any nation that has them. If you are at ground zero of a nuclear explosion you can kiss your ass goodbye. There were survivors of the bombs dropped on Japan but remember they were like popcorn farts compared to what is available today.

The main threat of a nuclear bomb is the radioactive fall out that comes right after the explosion. Oddly enough, the fall out zone is a few miles outside the main blast area. The immediate area to ground zero is not likely to get much fallout. But down wind can be a real motherf****r. If you can get underground in some kind of a shelter for a few days you have a high percentage shot of surviving a nuclear blast. Try to get 5 feet of rock and dirt on top of your shelter. This is not a magic number that will guarantee you of surviving, but it will damn sure improve your chances. Personally I suggest a few hundred feet of rock between you and the atmosphere if it can be arranged.

Alpha and Beta particles are of little consequence as to radiation. They just don't have enough uummph to get through much at all. Of course you will be wearing a breathing mask that covers you mouth and nose to fight off these critters. Just because they don't penetrate much of anything does not mean you want to spice up your chili with it. Gamma particle rays can hurt you. Big time. And they penetrate much more effectivley than Alpha and Beta. That 5 feet of dirt and rock I mentioned is for stopping Gamma particles and their subsequent rays. These rays will not affect canned food. The Alpha dn the Beta cannot penetrate the can and the Gamma ray will pass right on through the food and go somewhere else. Moving water is pretty safe from radiation. The particles float away.

The really mean bastard in the nuclear field is the Neutron. I don't know of anything that will stop a Neutron. I dont know if 5 feet of Lead shielding will do it. Bad boys. We really need more data on the effect of radioactive Neutrons and how they behave. You might try Google. I will get Mike Kemp out of his survival garden and get him to talk about it so that we can all understand. So you have that to look forward to reading.

So now we have covered the main body of Weapons of Mass Destruction. You notice the name they lump all this stuff under? MASS DESTRUCTION. This stuff is for killing LOTS OF PEOPLE. And it is expensive and hard to produce. I know you can't make it on Social Security benefits! HAH!

But here is the reason behind my madness for even writing about this shit. It is so expensive and so hard to produce and transport to a target that you really do need a lot of people all lumped together to make it worth while. Get a lot of people together and you can kill huge amounts of them. And in the mind of all the people haters on the planet this is good accounting. Thus I suggest that peole get out of cities and large towns and get into the countryside. Some redneck living by himself on a mountainside is not worth the cost of killing him.

Some hippie living in a Yurt in a valley out West is not worth the cost and trouble of murdering him. Weapons of Mass Destruction are expensive and their delivery system is a serious cost number. A city of just 100,000 people with a couple of defense contractors making electronic parts for a missile guidance system is a juicy target. It will get blown up, poisoned and infected. No problem. But Harry Hayseed out in the middle of Umptysquat, Kansas, ain't too enticing a target. The people haters will pass on Harry and go for the town with a couple defense contractors. Everything has to be cost effective. If some dumbass General would blow Harry away and neglect the town with the defense contractors he would be a slick sleeve private in a very short amount of time. Umptysquat aint nothin' compared to blowing up Silicone Valley. And if someone attacks this country they will hit where they will do the most damage. Cause when they attack they will have entered a life-and-death situation themselves. It will be a cold day in hell when the US fedgov does not have a counter attack to mount. At least I THINK we will have a counter attack.

After the initial damage has been done and the missiles have all been fired and the ships have all been exhausted of their armaments, there is still a war to be fought. And with our high tech stuff about 90% shot away that will leave one more resource. The final thrust! YOU!, dear reader. Yes, the weapon of last resort is always the poor dumb puke civilian. Your government will be prepared to hurl millons of you at the advancing enemy. Aren't you thrilled! Think of the great speeches and sacred oaths you will hear. Politicians can wax eloquent as all thunder when they are advocating sending others out to die for them.

The way it normally runs is that the young will be sent out for the long range warfare. By this I mean overseas. If the invading hoardes reach our shores then everybody that can pull a trigger will be drafted and given Home Defense Duties. Even your daughters. They will be kept out or back from the front lines for a while but if it gets too sticky they will be right in the trenches with the men. And they never did jack shit to cause any of it. Life is cruel when you live under people haters. I would suggest geting out of town and not registering your child births with the state. Kinda radical in it's approach but not too much if you really love your kids.

But what ever you do, stay out of the cities. And stay alive!



Ryan said...

I hear u about gas sucking alot. However once someone realizes the stuff won't kill them it becomes much less effective.

The Urban Survivalist said...

I was with you until you mentioned not registering your kids births. They'll benefit a lot more from the government knowing they're there than not. There's no way you can predict an impending war several years out. At this time there is no threat that the US will be invaded. Our 2nd amendment rights are still reasonably intact (although I'll admit that they're eroding rapidly). General Yamamoto said it best. You cannot invade the US. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

Staying Alive said...

Dear Urban,

What, pray tell, will be the causitive stimulous that will make your progeny's presence known to the government of value to your child? Think! All the government can do is have your child doing hard labor or dying on the field of combat. Or paying taxes. Can't for get those f*****g taxes.

The only thing I can say that will in any way excuse the existance of the government is their deterent value in the area of war. Those nuclear submarines can make an agressor think twice about coming over here and trying to enslave us. And the government will damn sure use them. They gotta use them. They are despised around the globe and would rather not suffer the consequences of invasion. Ergo, when the government has shot it's supply of missiles up and can do no more to prevent invasion, there is little use in having them around. And if there is no more use in having them around, what use will them knowing about your child be to your child?

A defeated government is like a wounded beast. It is casting about in its madness for any form of relief possible. It will sacrifice its own young to save itself. And what have the young done to warrant this type of regard? Basically, nothing. They just happen to be warm bodies caught at an unfortunate time. Thus I made the suggestion that denying the government the knowledge of the childs existance might prove to be of most benefit to the child. See, we get to turn the tables and say that it is "for the children." I love this game.


gott_cha said...

The sole reason for these blogs is survival...thats it. We must look at every possible scenario and try to understand its implications and learn to survive. There is no "magic pill" approach.
In our time line of history we must understand that Govt. gone bad is the biggest threat to our freedom and daily lives. Just as in the days of the 13 colonies.
What good is survival without freedom?

Our Govt. is an out of control beast built upon a "thought to be" never ending supply of cheap oil.
The truth is,..oil has peaked and will decline,..same for other resources.
This beast will go to no ends to keep itself alive and functioning. Right now is using the war on terror to feed itself. Its a resource war and is playing now in the mid-east. Citizens will have a role only as cannon fodder. The Govt's concern will be about their survival,..not yours! Dont believe it? ask a Vet,unless they have been brain washed by this phony war on "terra" as Bush calls it, they will tell you how they really feel and what the really see happening.

UrbanSurvivalist,...with all due respect my friend,..that statement you made about govt. knowing about your kids, whats with that? You seem to trust in the abilities of the Govt. to regain control and bring about peace during strife. The Govt. will be the cause of the trouble and strife!!!
Our enemies wont attack us because they hate our freedoms, as Bush has lied proclaiming they will. They will attack us because our GOVT. is the most hateful,deceptive and dangerous group of thugs since the Third Reich.
Can we be sure that the Govt. wont stage another Pearl Harbor incident, A wacco, about a Oklahoma City just to justify their existence. Hey even a Randy Weaver attack for us who prefer the countryside.
Knowing the truth about these matters ,why would you want to offer up the young to the belly of the beast? to what end? When the turds come rolling I would think you'd want to be as far removed from association with the Govt. as possible. This beast needs to die a sudden and violent death and when it does,..I wish to see it from a distance.
Our Govt. is rouge and it has over stepped its authority under the constitutional limits it was set up under. It has become the very beast spoken of by our founders when they said all enemies,..foreign and "DOMESTIC".
To whom are you loyal,..Govt. or the people? We must all ask ourselves that!(This is for us all)
Many Americans claim to love freedom yet wish for Govt. to provide for them from the cradle to the grave. Thats not freedom its dependency.

We all see the trees,..but do we yet see the forest?
Govt. is not going to save us,..never could never will.
Are they useful? yes! Our military will stave of the brunt of an "attack" but they wont be able to do it all.
These Brave men and women are honorable and loyal,..not stupid they will fight AGAINST the beast for their families lives when that time comes.

When we deployed we went to protect America and our families. Not the US Govt. Same with them now.

True there is no eminent threat of invasion at the moment. But there is always a threat of a massive attack form our "strategic trade partners"..Read that as Russia or China,..or both.
But there is a much worse threat that comes form our own Govt. and its "black ops" agencies
That threat comes as false flag incidents design to cause panic and paranoia to further their NWO that daddy Bush so blatantly spoke of prior to The first Gulf War.

Do we stay put being good "citizens" abiding by each and every new draconian law they enact,licking their boots in hope of their benevolence ? Or do we use our good sense and get the hell out of dodge knowing one day spent free is better than a lifetime in bonds of servitude.

I know that everybody cant just pack it up and head for the hills . Some even love the city life. People have jobs and families,homes and all and they will be there when TSHTF , yes prep!!
But dont bet your life or your loved ones on staying there assuming the Govt. will come running to help....Have a plan "B" and be ready to flee!
As far as the beast goes, all you can to cut off its Nuts now.
Use passive resistance if you can,...dont blatantly break laws or call attention to yourself,..but by all means be a cog in the wheel. Read about :Jury Nullification" and "Rule of Law",...obtain a "Citizens Handbook"...learn our responsibilities to our Nation,..our Govt. and our fellow man.
Dont be fooled into their Bull shit.